Jan, May 24th 2012

News: The GWTP social network rap!


Couldn't resist...

From privacy
Causing grief in
Human relations
You like friendship
On a global scale?
You get to hear all sides
Of the tale
See, it's not about Craigslist
Twitter, LinkedIn
or Facebook
Where you grow
your farm
Absurdism: embrace it
Your life won't
Get duller
I'm not going to spend
My life blogging on Tumblr

(original; apologies to the late MJ and whoever that rapper was)

Jan, May 13th 2012

News: Oh no! More logic!


Assign truth values to the following statements (if you like that sort of thing). There may be multiple solutions. There may even be redundancies, point them out for extra credit!

  A. At least two of these statements are true.
  B. Exactly two statements are true.
  C. B and D have the same truth value.
  D. A and C have the same truth value.
  E. B and C are false.
  F. There is an even number of true statements.